Landscape Maintenance

Nature’s Way is pleased to offer you a maintenance program that is suited to your property.

Since 1993 Nature’s Way has only used Natural and Organic fertilizers, we have been a leader in Eastern Ontario in the development and use of these products as well as the development and use of the latest technological developments. we strive to ensure we work as much as possible with the natural environment.

We also utilise the use of Battery powered maintenance equipment as much as possible

Our maintenance crew can provide weekly Lawn mowing and trimming, weeding, pruning, planting, deadheading and general tidying of the gardens.


Shrubs & Ornamental Tree’s

To ensure the health and beauty of your Shrubs and Ornamental tree’s we will prune to limit the size of your ornamental plants, this will prevent to plant from being too large for the location in the landscape, remove damaged, diseased and dead branches (the 3 D’s), keep the plant healthy to limit damage from insects.



Annual / Perennial gardens

Our maintenance crew will work with you to set up an ideal maintenance program for your garden.

Weeding, Deadheading, Fertilizing, Insect Control, Deer and Goose Control, Disease Control, whatever your garden needs we can provide the service and materials needed to ensure your garden is the healthiest and most attractive it can be.





We have developed Lawn Care programs that are based on the needs of the soil.

See our section on Natural Organic Lawn Care





Hardscape Maintenance


This is one area of the Landscape that is often overlooked until there is a problem.

We offer annual maintenance of all your Hardscape systems, Interlock, Retaining walls, Natural patio’s and walkway’s, Decks, Docks and Fences, Landscape Lighting and Waterfeatures.

We inspect and provide you with detailed information and pricing to fix the problem.

Interlocking walkway’s, Patio’s and Driveway’s –  Depending upon age and construction techniques used Interlock can move, heave and degrade over time. We are able to rebuild, regrade and restore your Interlock, we can clean, seal and reapply Polymeric sand.

Retaining walls – Is your retaining wall bulging or shifting, we can restore it to its original or better condition.

Natural patio’s and walkway’s – Regrade, rebuild, clean.

Decks, Docks and Fences – Wood does not last for ever, we can repair and replace damaged wood on your decks, docks and Fences, We can also repair and damaged structural area’s, as well as cleaning the wood.





Landscape Lighting

Regular annual maintenance of your lighting system will allow you to enjoy your investment for years to come – our annual maintenance package includes the following:-

  • Removing and replacing bulbs, we can also re-lamp to LED lamps, this includes cleaning the sockets and re-greasing of the contacts
  • Replacement of Fixtures if required
  • Inspect Transformer and adjust clock and photo cells if equipped
  • Move or readjust Fixtures if needed due to plant growth





Water features 

We provide an annual inspection as well as Spring start up and Fall close down of your Pond / Water feature. Our maintenance program includes the following:-

  • Check for leaks
  • Clean the filters
  • Check pump for proper operation and flow
  • Ensure correct operation of automatic water fill valve
  • Check water flow over waterfalls and streams to ensure the water movement is optimal
  • Replace / Readjust gravel and rocks as needed
  • Trim or remove/replace plants as required
  • Provide Natural treatments as required for Algae control.