Under Deck Patio and Stairs

About 12 years ago we provided a plan for a rear garden makeover, the customer seemed to like the idea but wanted to wait until they could afford the work. Well that day happened, we were contracted and made a few changes to the original design, but the basics remained.

The current deck was to the south and very hot at times, so they wanted a patio underneath that would provide a shady place to relax. There were 3 4″x 4″ posts holding the upper deck and one was right in the middle and spoiled the view and access. We replaced all 3 posts with a pair of 6″x 6″ posts and a new laminated beam to create a larger span to support the deck, the building department also advised us the wrap the laminated beam to protect it.

As you can see from the pictures below the transformation was impressive to say the least and they now have a comfortable way off the upper deck to the patio and they view is much better with the post removed.


The stairs came down to some patio slabs but then you had to walk down the grass to get into the shade. You will see the 3 posts holding the deck and the exposed concrete supports. The plan called for stairs, a patio and garden beds.


Construction started with the support of the deck and replacement of the posts and beam with 2 posts and a thicker laminated beam that we had wrapped in Aluminum.

After the new deck supports were in we focused on the building of the lower patio and small retaining wall to contain the garden.

Due to the height of the ground at the side we had to create a larger retaining wall reinforced with geogrid and filled with a clean gravel, we used this as the side support for the new stairs that came down from the new landing at the bottom of the deck stairs.

As you can see, we achieved the Patio they wanted and a very easy walk from the upper deck. The Mega Arbel pavers were at the same height as the existing grass to make for a very easy transition.

The small retaining wall allowed us to have a garden beside the patio, the wall also offered extra seating when required.

The transformation from an unusable area of grass became a large Patio and gardens, which was great for entertaining.