A Pond Case Study – Signature Stables

In the winter of 2017 we were approached to rebuild two ponds, the original ponds were Natural Bottom but did not have any filter system, so the annual maintenance was done with an excavator.

The original ponds were made deeper and larger and 4 pumps were installed in the Skimmers and we plumbed in 2 irrigation pumps to allow for a stress free option to drain the ponds if required.

For the project we used 200 small Aquablox, 4 Tsurumi 9pl pumps, Pondless Waterfall Vaults and extensions, Large Snorkel Vault and Cap, 100’s of feet of both 2″ & 3″ flexible PVC pipe, Underlayment and 40 mil liner all from Aquascape Canada https://www.aquascapeinc.com/

Lets start with enlarging the original ponds, for these ponds we used concrete instead of a liner, with the help of Darran Green from http://www.darrangreen.com/



For ponds this size, there are two of them, 1 each side of the bridge, we can not use pre-built skimmers and filters. We custom designed 1 Skimmer for each Pond with 2 large pumps in each, 



We also had to create 1 Wetland Filter for each pond, these Filters will be planted with wetland plants in the spring of 2018


Due to the steep slope going to the ponds we finished the project off with Armourstone from Upper Canada Stone https://uppercanadastone.com/



Oh Yes, we also constructed a 200′ stream. We had a 38″ drop from the start of the stream to the top of the waterfall, so the grading had to be precise to ensure we had a positive slope all the way.



After excavation, we installed a non woven geotextile and 200′ of 40 ml liner and several dump truck loads of various size gravel and Granite boulders.