Natural Organic Lawn Care

We are the leader in Natural Organic Lawn care in Eastern Ontario


Steps taken to develop your Natural Organic Lawn Care Program

1- Site Assessment:-

Visual inspection of your lawn to determine the suitability to successfully grow a                                              lawn. We will look at these things: light and water availability, topography,                                                        competition from tree’s and shrubs, use of the lawn (active or passive).

2- Soil Sample:-       

A soil sample will allow us to custom build the nutritional needs for your lawn as                                            well as allow us to see some of the deficiencies of the current soil. 

3- Nutritional program:-

we will develop a program to feed the soil, that in turn will feed your grass                                                        plants, depending on the lawns use and requirements we may also add amendments such as Sulphur, Organic Matter or other amendments to stimulate the microbial life of the soil.


4- Inspections:-           

During weekly maintenance or at fertilizer application, we will note any obvious                                            deficiencies in the lawn and advise you with a plan to remedy the situation.

5- Aeration:-                 

Aeration is an important step in natural care of a lawn, it helps deal with both                                                thatch and compaction, we only core aerate, the removal of this small amount of                                            soil will stimulate microbial activity and will not add to the compaction as the use                                          of a spike aerator will.

6- Over seed:-               

All grass plants will eventually die, the regular addition of new seeds will allow us                                          to adjust the grass species to the ongoing changes to your lawn and help keep a thick healthy  sward of grass.

We also offer the Application of Horticultural Vinegar for weed control, Corn Gluten for weed control, Nematodes for grub control, Kelp for general soil health, Deep Root fertilizer application for tree’s and shrub’s & Dethatching.