Healthy Lawn Services

Services provided to keep your lawn healthy

  • Aeration – Core Aeration will reduce compaction in your lawn and encourage your grass plants to spread
  • Slit Seeding – Using a dethatcher/slit seeder we seed the lawn by putting the seed in direct contact with the soil
  • Overseeding – Propriety blends of grass seed is broadcast over the lawn to thicken and repair damage
  • Fertilization – Natural Organic fertilizers are used to feed the soil, which in turn will provide all the nutrients needed for a healthy lawn
  • Corn Gluten – A 9-0-0 natural fertilizer, can also be used as a weed control. Or we will use a liquid Corn Gluten 1-0-0 if the Nitrogen is not needed in the fertility program
  • Liquid Corn Gluten – A liquid version of the 9-0-0 this fertilizer is a fast acting 1-0-0 biofertilizer
  • Asco SLE – Ascophyllum nodosum is a seaplant that is full of nutrients – this liquid application will boost the microbial activity of your soil. It is often listed as Kelp
  • Easy-Flo Compost – A pellatized compost that is dried and pellatised from leaf and yard waste – We can topdress your lawn with a fertilizer spreader